samedi 12 juillet 2008

Longshots Official Trailer

The Longshots is an upcoming sport drama movie about American football. The plot of Longshots is based on real life events of young athlete Jasmine Plummer who was the first girl to participate in the Pop Warner football tournament. The movie is starring Ice Cube and Keke Palmer as Jasmine.

Here below the official Longshots trailer:

"Young Jasmine Plummer (Keke Palmer) is a lonely teenage girl whose father left her when she was young and lives with her mother (Tasha Smith) when a friend of her mother's (Ice Cube) comes in and starts getting her involved in football where she is so good, he enrolls her in Pop Warner football and the coach and all the boys on the team resent her. But when, thanks to Jasmine, the team makes it to the tournament, her real father returns and she must deal with this." (Source: Wikipedia)

I like the tagline of the movie: "The New Coach Has A Secret Weapon". And what a weapon! Jasmine Plummer is an awesome quarterback for a football team!

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